Location & surroundings

Encounter the neighbourhood Nauwieser Viertel or the town of Saarbrücken. The Nauwieser 50 is right in the middle of it.

You will easily find a great variety of diverse restaurants, pubs and bars as well as cafés as you are directly located at the heart of the popular Nauwieser Viertel.

Furthermore, extraordinary business concepts, small shops and interesting cultural programs are waiting for you to be enjoyed and explored.

A few blocks ahead and readily accessible you will reach the pedestrian zone of Saarbrücken with its many shopping and leisure opportunities.

Relish the moment while you enjoy a local dish from the Saarland or you prefer an exotic dish from around the world you will have the chance to do so in one of the plenty restaurants at the popular St. Johanner Market in the city centre. Whether you like to spend the night visiting the theatre or prefer a romantic walk along the river Saar, the town of Saarbrücken offers a wide range of activities to spend your well-earned leisure time.

You will find detailed information on the whereabouts of close-by restaurants, pubs and shops in our brochure.